PT NewQuest Geotechnology was developed with the vision

"To be a leading and pioneering company in providing enhanced geotechnology for helping partners in better exploring the earth resources".


In order to achieve the vision, PT NewQuest Geotechnology has set the mission, which are:

  1. To provide enhanced geotechnology for exploring geothermal, petroleum and mineral resources.
  2. To provide proper geotechnology for solving geotechnical and environmental problems.
  3. To develop and provide softwares and tools for helping engineers and geoscientists in better understanding the earth resources system.
  4. To provide better training courses in mastering the concepts of the earth resources system and the proper related geotechnology.


PT NewQuest Geotechnology strives to maintain its values in every action done. The values are:

  1. Inspiring
  2. We always try to find new idea, concept and technology for helping partners in exploring the earth resources.

  3. Integrity
  4. We always do what is right, not just whatever works, to keep trust from our partner.

  5. Partnership
  6. We always try to do what is best interest of our partners, in a manner that increases reliance and confidence.