Dr. Yunus Daud Launch NQ Academy on the 1st NQ Academy Webinar Event

NQ News, Friday September 25, 2020

NQ Academy is a geothermal center of excellence under NewQuest Geotechnology that provides training courses, webinars, e-learning as well as corporate in-house courses for improving knowledge and skills in geothermal resources and technology officially introduced by its founder Dr. Yunus Daud on 23 September 2020 at the beginning of the 1st NQ Academy Webinar.

In his message, Dr. Yunus emphasized that NQ Academy will collaborate and be open with anyone and any party to advance Indonesia's geothermal industry, especially in developing human resources.

The webinar present Prof. Manfred P Hochstein, Founder of Geothermal Institute, The University of Auckland entitled “Geothermal Resources and Development in Indonesia : A Guru’s Note”

Prof Hochstein 88 years old convey his presentation via Recorded Video Presentation due to his physics condition. Before the presentation, the audience was warmly greeted by Prof. Hochstein's wife. His assistant is an Indonesian, Mrs. Raja Justarminah, Ph.D. explains about actual condition of Prof. Hochstein and shares his excitement when he was invited to the Webinar. He also shared the Prof's love for Indonesia, which was reflected in the batik shirt, "chili sauce Indonesia" and the accurate precision on the Indonesian map.

When Prof. Hochstein carried out exploration activities in Indonesia, at that time the number of geothermal locations was still around 200 and the study was focused on 70 high temperature locations. Now Dr. Yunus meets 351 geothermal locations consisting of 114 high temperature, 167 medium and 70 low temperature.

During the 34-minute presentation of Prof. Hochstein, the audience enjoyed the history of Indonesia's geothermal development from the early 1920s to 2000. He mention the first 5 Geothermal wells were drilled at Kamojang and Dieng (1918 – 1928). The first electricity generated by geothermal energy using 250 kWe ‘monoblock’ in 1978 installed near KMJ-6 well and the 1st Indonesia Geothermal Power Plant 30 MW Kamojang-1 in 1983.

This presentation tells a complete description of the exploration activities in the New Zealand - Indonesia geothermal Colombo Plan Project (1970) in assessment 5 selected geothermal fields on Java and Bali, and to rank them for further development: Kamojang, Darajat, Salak-Awibengkok, Cisolok-Cisukarame (all on Java) and Danau Bratan (Bali).

Mr. Sayogi Sudarman, a lecturer at University of Indonesia and a geothermal specialist, one of Hochstein’s student, friend and his publication partners conveyed his impressions and testimonials about Prof. Hochstein while crying to remember his kindness.

Dr. Surya Darma, Chairman of Indonesia Renewable Energy Society, Former Chairman of Indonesia Geothermal Association and Former PGE Director said that Hochstein (88 years old) is a teacher, but most of his life is spent studying Indonesia's geothermal and was played significant role in the development of Indonesia's first geothermal field, namely Kamojang.

Presentation session is continued by Dr. Yunus Daud on Current and Future Challenges and Opportunities In Geothermal Development in Indonesia particularly on Exploration Challenges on Medium Temperature Geothermal Resources totaling 167 locations.

At the beginning, presentation of Dr. Yunus Daud share his experience during being a student of Prof. Hochstein in New Zealand and in collaborative geothermal exploration activities.

On Questions & Answers Session, from a number of questions asked, several questions were selected to be answered directly, including about Ijen Hidden Geothermal Discovery, Internship and Final Work Program at NewQuest for student, Atadei prospect and Software Development challenges. The assistant (Admin) helps to answer other questions by writing the answers directly in the Q&A column and the rest will be answer through email.

The webinar was attended by an audience of 350 out of 700 who registered. Participants came from the geothermal industry, central and local government institutions as well as students from various universities including some participants from abroad.


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