Young Geothermal Explorationist Competition

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Tuesday, 1 September 2021

NewQuest Geotechnology (NQ) has been contributing to geothermal energy development for 10 years. Since its establishment in 2011, NQ has been involved in more than 40 geothermal areas in Indonesia and Malaysia with resources discovery for more than 3 GW. In order to express our gratitude of NQ achievements and celebrate 10 years of its contribution, NQ organize several series of events under NQ 10 Years Anniversary, including Young Geothermal Explorationist Competition.

Exploration is the initial stage to develop a geothermal field. At this stage, an understanding of the geothermal system becomes very important which in turn becomes the basis for developing geothermal fields.

We invite all talented young geoscientists from universities in Indonesia to follow the competition that will be held in 2 stages:

Pre-Qualification Stage

Questions will be delivered in essay format concerning state of the art of geothermal exploration. All participants will be given a definite time to answer the questions simultaneously and submit it within that time frame. The qualified participants will go to the Final Stage.

Final Stage

Participant will be given a case study about one of geothermal field. Geological, geochemical, and geophysical data will be given to be analysed and interpreted for constructing a conceptual model, delineating prospect area, and locating drilling target. The final stage will be held for two days. The first day is dedicated for preparing the presentation regarding the analysis and interpretation result that will be presented in the next day.

For you who interested to participate, please consider this participant’s term & condition:

  1. Participant is a Group, that consist of 3 group members from the same university. Each university can delegate for more than 1 group.
  2. The group member is an active undergraduate student who shall complete at least 6 semesters in geophysics, geophysical engineering, geology, geological engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, physical engineering, and other related majors. Each group can consist of the group members with different majors.
  3. Every group shall attend pre-qualification process. The assignment and presentation could be delivered in Bahasa.
  4. Since the competition will be held online via Zoom Application, every group member shall prepare laptop and camera as well as proper internet connection.
  5. Since pandemic situation, every group member is recommended to attend the competition from separated locations. If there is a situation that each group member shall join in one room, strict health protocols must then be applied. We are not responsible for the impact that may occur.
  6. Every group member should be on camera during pre-qualification, assignment, and presentation process.

Please note the important date:

Open Registration     : 30 August – 30 September 2021

Technical Instruction  : 1 October 2021

Competition Day

  • Pre-Qualification stage   : 2 October 2021
  • Final Stage                     : 9 – 10 October 2021

For registration, please fill the form in the following link:

Contact Person: 081225499240 / 081282631588


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