Prospect of WKP Bora Pulu

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

WKP Bora Pulu was determined in 2012, located in Sigi Regency and Palu City, Central Sulawesi Province consisting of 2 potential locations: Bora with a potential of 90 MW and Pulu 30 MW. Geothermal in the WKP Bora Pulu is targeted to operate in 2025, with first development plan of 40 MW.

There are approximately 35,000 Ha of forest area (Conservation Forest, Protection Forest and Production Forest) in this WKP covering totally 79,750 Ha.

The WKP Bora Pulu has quite complete of surface exploration survey data because many parties have noticed it.

Initial data and studies were carried out by the Geological Agency to prepare the WKP Bora Pulu, then this WKP is also planned to be developed with a Public Private Partnership scheme by the Central Sulawesi Provincial Government, PLN and Partners from France.

In 2017, the Research and Development Center - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Balitbang KESDM) and China's Great Wall Drilling Company (GWDC) conducted a technical and commercial evaluation cooperation for the development of the WKP Bora Pulu.

In 2018, PLN again considered the offer of the WKP Bora Pulu assignment with 3 other WKPs: WKP Gunung Endut, WKP Sipaholon Ria-Ria and WKP Danau Ranau.

In 2019, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources also targets to offer five WKPs: Lainea, Sembalun, Telaga Ranu, Kotamobagu and Bora Pulu, but this plan was not implemented.

Thus the status of the WKP Bora Pulu with a potential of 120 MW and a 40 MW development plan remains as an Open/ Bid WKP, interested parties can communicate with the government, for example through PSPE, while the new tender will be held after the new President Regulations on New Renewable Energy is issued.

In 2017, NewQuest Geotechnology conduct Detailed Pre-Feasibility Study Report Services of Bora-Pulu for ECI – GWDC, covering:

  1. Review of existing reports and data
  2. Conducting remote sensing data analysis to detect hydrothermal alteration, permeable zone, and indication of heat source
  3. Integrated evaluation of geoscientific data
  4. Recommendation of development plan

NQ's involvement in Bora Pulu continued in 2018 by conducted Preparation of Exploration Program and Development Plan Proposal for PLN, covering:

  1. Conducting Remote Sensing data interpretation for determining geological "play" concept
  2. Review existing geological & geochemical data
  3. Reprocessing of existing geophysical data
  4. Integrated interpretation & conceptual model
  5. Potential resource calculation
  6. Planning of Exploration Program, Well Targeting, Basic Power Plant Preliminary Design, and Economic Analysis
  7. Report and presentation to Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Access to the WKP Bora Pulu is good and easy, the location can be reached by four-wheeled vehicles from Palu City already. Several issues for the development of WKP Bora Pulu are medium temperature, demand and Palu earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction in 2018 which may cause structural changes.


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